Your car should purr, not creak!

Your car should purr, not creak!

From vintage rides to the latest models, upgrade your vehicle with high-quality body parts.

From vintage rides to the latest models, upgrade your vehicle with high-quality body parts.





Until we launch our online store, you can check out our product catalog on the website of our strategic partner, the Danish company Klokkerholm. Follow this link and enter the brand and model of your car in the respective fields. Contact us for more details if you would like to order parts.


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Our story began in 1965 when Ljuba opened his independent workshop in Krnjača, Belgrade’s industrial neighborhood. To this day, you can find our warehouse and retail space at the same spot.

Most of you know us as auto body parts manufacturers for a wide range of vehicles — from the Moscow-made Moskvich and Italian Fiat to the German Volkswagen and our very own Zastava. In other words, whether you drive a Yugoslav, European, American, or Asian car, we can get you on the road. Our product catalog includes sills, rear wheel arches, lower front fenders, splash panels, tank straps, and other repair body parts.

Along with manufacturing, we also trade car parts, offering a range of over 10,000 items, including fenders, bonnets, bumpers, headlamps, turn lights, and similar car parts.

Thanks to our long-standing partnership with the Danish company Klokkerholm, around 90% of our products are distributed worldwide. That way, our car parts travel farther than we could ever imagine!

Our production facility in Šimanovci is equipped with cutting-edge, high-quality machinery. We rely on sophisticated 3D scanners and CNC machining centers when crafting our tools. We use fast and precise 2D and 3D lasers for sheet metal cutting and powerful hydraulic presses for shaping.

However, our strongest asset has always been and will always be the skillful hands of our craftsmen!


How can I place an order?

The quickest way to place an order is to call us on the phone. Our sales representatives are available:
On weekdays from 8 AM to 5 PM,
On Saturdays from 8 AM to 2 PM.

Call us or message us via SMS or the WhatsApp/Viber app.
Retail Contact phones:
+381 11 33 17 537
+381 11 33 17 165
+381 65 33 17 165
+381 65 20 85 619
Wholesale phone and email:
+381 11 20 85 619
+381 11 20 85 629

If you prefer a more hands-on approach, visit our retail store in Krnjača, 1D Prva Sutjeska Street in Belgrade, and check out the goods in person. Our team is at your service during the specified working hours.

How does the delivery work?

If you place an order on weekdays before noon, the package will be delivered to your address the next day!
We happily accept orders on Saturdays as well, but due to the working hours of the courier service, deliveries won’t be processed until Monday. That means the parcel should be on your doorstep by Tuesday.
If your purchase exceeds 10,000 RSD — we cover the transportation costs!
You can also personally pick up your order at our retail store located at 1D Prva Sutjeska Street (Krnjača, Belgrade).

Can my order be delivered outside of Serbia?

We only cover deliveries within the Republic of Serbia. The courier service will bring the parcel directly to your address, provided you are located within the country.

Can I return items if they don't meet my expectations?

Of course! We offer refunds for undamaged and unused auto body parts, as long as you provide a fiscal receipt. You can put in a return request within the first year after purchase.

You only need to return the product to our warehouse/retail store in Krnjača. Send the package to 1D Prva Sutjeska Street (Krnjača, Belgrade) using a courier service of your choice, and we will give you a refund.

For any additional information regarding our returns policy, feel free to call us at:
+381 11 33 17 537
+381 11 33 17 165
+381 65 33 17 165

Can you install the parts in my vehicle at your store?

We’re proud to say all our car parts can be installed effortlessly, but make sure to go to a body repair technician either way! We’re here to make sure we provide the quality goods, but we leave the installation to the experts.

What type of sheet metal do you use for manufacturing car parts?

We make all our auto body parts from cold-pressed galvanized sheet metal marked DX. This type of sheet metal is the industry standard. The material is protected against corrosion and ready to be installed right after the technician applies the preparation coat and paint.

The sheet thickness can be a point of contention among mechanics and four-wheel enthusiasts. In the production of various body and repair parts, the most commonly applied sheet thickness is 0.8 mm, but thicker sheets—1 mm, 1.2 mm, 2 mm, and even 3 mm—can be found as well.

When manufacturing repair parts, we like to ensure that the sheet thickness for a specific repair part matches the original, i.e. the bodywork that the car had at the start of its automotive life.

In a segment of our production, we also use the so-called black sheet metal, marked DC. Still, manufacturers are increasingly turning away from this material because it requires immediate painting after production, making the process more complicated and potentially more expensive.

Can I come and check out the car parts?

We are always eager to walk you through our warehouse in Krnjača. There’s no need to schedule your visit, just show up during working hours (Mon-Fri from 8 AM to 5 PM, Sat from 8 AM to 2 PM). Our salespeople know the storage like the back of their hand and will gladly show you the product selection.


If you cannot come in person but would still like to examine the product in more detail, we can send you a photo via social media or WhatsApp/Viber app.

Where can I look at your product catalog?

Until our new website is up and running, you can check out the product catalog on the Klokkerholm company page—our long-standing strategic partners. Click on the following link, select the brand and model of the car, as well as the engine type, and a list of available car parts will appear below.






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